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ROV Final design

The Remotely Operated Vehicle final design


Week 10 is here!

This was the CAD assignment.

A 3d Base

Created from a tool called form, this is a base that required multiple layers. It’s a cool assignment as I had had to create a base from my own ideas, and this is what I came up with!

This is the Coding assignment.

A simple maze

The code this week was to create a movable object, this is mine, coded using the “WASD” keys to interact with the green square and find your way out of a little maze.

Week 9!

This is the assignment for the week.

I had to recreate Eve from Wall-e. The challenge for me was to create a “rounded” face with the eyes in it. There were many glitches during the process but in the end, it turned out nicely.

The Coding assignment.

This is the array I created using a single for loop!

Hey it’s week 9!

The fusion assignment for this week.

Fusion 360 Logo

The recreation of the Fusion 360 logo has been completed! This time I learned about bunch of new tools! Creating faces from a 2d Plane and then turning them into 3d planes made it really fun, this was a long process that required many steps, from creating a face to rendering an entire body.

The coding assignment for this week.

The coding challenge required the use of the sliders within our coding, my idea for this was to create a face that could change when the user interacted with such, and the adding some details I made mine looks a little funky, but I ended up liking it!

Welcome to week 8!

The idea for this week’s challenge was to replicate something from our surroundings that looks interesting. This week I worked on replicating a lava lamp in Fusion. This is the outcome!

Code Week 8

For the code challenge this week we had to work on getting a functional working clock that displays hours, minutes and seconds without using numbers, Mine works that way but I decided to leave the numbers so it’s easier when reading the time!

Week 6

Spur Gear

Hey! This week I learned how to work with gears, specifically the spur gears, a tool that creates an entire gear from specific measures. They both rotate at the same time within the design, besides being functional, they can be 3d printed as each piece has been made individually, this lesson was fun as this makes it so much easier to make gears, compared to the previous method I used.

The code for this week! The challenge was to make moving lines, which I sort of did… but they are a little different as they change in size and location, I like to work on coding as each challenge gets harder and harder.

A week later!

Finished canoe

After a couple of weeks learning different tools in Fusion, this simple looking canoe has been more than a challenge to make, with multiple sections and separated components to make a whole body, when they are all together! This way multiple pieces can be put together to form enormous objects.

For the Code this week I worked on adding pupils to the eyes of my face from last week, and the pupils had to follow the mouse. This was quite hard to do as the pupils didn’t cooperate with me that much, they kept going places they weren’t supposed to go.

Time for another Post!

This is the next generation of the canoe 2.0

This time I worked on adding ribs to the previous design of the canoe. This was a little more challenging as there were many patterns to follow, the thickening after the lofts were giving me troubles, and I had to re-make the the canoe a couple times. At the end It came up nicely done, turned on time!

For the code challenge we had to work on making a smiley face, and this is what I turned in. In an attempt to turn the assignment on time and considering how sleepy I was, I was inspired by myself to semi-recreate my mood, hopefully it makes you smile!

Still learning from home!

Wooden canoe

This week’s challenge was to create a canoe in Fusion. The design is simple but the complexity comes from the way it’s been made, a short amount of steps, and functionality of it, the canoe taught me how to use the surface tab at the top of the screen. I learned the basics of a couple tools such as loft mechanics!

Code for the code challenge

Also the code challenge was fun, as I made a circle bounce in my screen, the challenge for me was to write the code nice and neat, also the way it is set up gets confusing many times. I watched a couple videos that helped me a lot, I turned it in late as I forgot the due dates, but then again I had fun working on it.

Hey it’s been a week!

During this week I’ve been working on multiple class assignments some of them are new to me as I keep learning different strategies on how to assemble, and construct 3D objects. The one I focused on during this week is a lamp shaped object from multiple objects.

A lamp shaped from multiple objects

I did not only work on CAD related stuff this week, also coding challenges that are quite interesting and tricky to do. This week’s challenge was to ¬†create a sketch that displays words on your screen of random sizes and in random locations. This is what I’ve come up with!

Code for the scrambled words
The scrambled words